Whether you are an active user of social media or not, everyone can agree that it plays an important role in daily lives. These platforms have become the primary tools for news consumption, communication with friends and family, and the preferred method of sharing photos and videos.

In business, having a digital presence is vital to companies in every industry.

Social media can be an outlet for communication to faithful patrons of your business, as well as an interactive and visual platform to attract new customers. If done correctly, your business can attract a passionate following. 

Check out these important tips to establish brand consistency across your social media accounts.




It seems like every 2 weeks, a new social media app or feature is making a splash in the market. Some businesses choose to have a presence on every platform imaginable, while others stick to the standards (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

No matter how many platforms you decide to activate, be sure to utilize consistent usernames across every platform. This makes it easy for people to locate your brand or business, become a follower of your accounts, tag your products/services in their photos and posts, and eventually become a promoter of your company.

Usernames should be simple and direct.

I suggest using the actual name of your business, a common abbreviation, or even a nickname/slogan. Whatever you decide to use, just make sure you choose something unique and relevant to your company so that is easy for people to find.



Your profile image is the most visual element of your digital presence. Making your company's profile images consistent across all platforms allows people to easily recognize your account and the message you have to share.

If a person is willing to follow you on one platform (ex. Instagram), they are most likely willing to follow you on other channels (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).

Having consistent profile images and usernames makes it very easy for people to know they are following the right social media accounts for your brand.




Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzgerald say it best in their book, The Art of Social Media, that social media profiles are...

A résumé for the entire world to see and judge.

Your profile’s description provides the opportunity to present your business or brand in a short message - typically 160 characters or less - so make it count!

Create a short statement about your business, identify your top product, or proclaim your business slogan so that people know your brand’s place in the market. Whatever message you choose, be sure to update the descriptions across all active platforms.

Now go forth, with consistency!

These tips apply to your business social media presence, as well as your personal accounts. Take some time to make sure your personal and business brands are consistent across all platforms - your fans and customers will appreciate it.


Are you in charge of social media at a business? Have you had to create social media accounts for a new company or brand?

Share some of your favorite tips to establish brand consistency with social media accounts by leaving a comment below - we’d love to hear about your experiences!