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30 Best Gift Ideas For Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a small business owner or new entrepreneur? It can be tough to find something both thoughtful and useful. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options out there!

From practical items like office supplies and organizational tools to luxurious treats like spa days and gourmet snacks, we've rounded up some of the best gifts for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Whether they're just starting their venture or celebrating a major milestone, these ideas will show them how much you care about their success. With these gift ideas, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect present that shows your appreciation for all their hard work!

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Best Gift Ideas For New Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

1. An Ergonomic Office Chair That Offers Adjustable Lumbar Support

Perfect for those long days sitting in the office, this chair will reduce fatigue and make sure business owners feel supported as they work hard.

2. A Standing Desk Converter

The perfect way to add movement during the work day, allowing business owners to switch between sitting and standing whenever they need a break.

3. A Storage Cabinet

With limited space in the office, a storage cabinet can store important documents and supplies to keep things organized.

4. Whiteboard Calendar

Whiteboard calendars are a great way for busy entrepreneurs to keep track of their tasks and deadlines. They can easily write down important notes, reminders, and goals on the calendar every day.

5. Wireless Mouse And Keyboard

For those who need to take their work on the go, a wireless mouse and keyboard make it easy to stay connected.

6. Portable Charger

For business owners who are constantly on the go, a portable charger is an essential item. It's perfect for keeping their mobile devices charged up at all times, no matter where they go.

7. A Mini Fridge

Keeping snacks close by can help boost energy levels throughout the day, so having a mini fridge on hand is always a good idea!

8. Monitor/Laptop Arms

To save space on a desk while improving posture, monitor arms are ideal for any business owner who wants an ergonomic workspace. It also reduces strain on the eyes, as a monitor stand can make sure the screen is at the right height for long-term use.

9. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Working in a crowded office or noisy cafe? A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a must-have for any entrepreneur who wants to stay focused and productive during the workday.

10. Ergonomic Chairs

Whether a sofa for break times or a cushioned chair for working, comfortable seating can make a difference in your overall productivity. Ergonomic chairs keep you comfortable, reduce back pain and promote good posture.

11. Indoor Plants

Plants are a great way to brighten up any workspace and bring some nature indoors. A large potted plant on the windowsill or desk will add instant ambiance and help with air quality, making for a healthier work environment.

12. Wall Art

A motivational, inspirational, or humorous piece of wall art can make all the difference in a small office space. Whether it’s a print, poster, canvas, or mural, something to brighten up their workspace and remind them why they’re doing what they do is always appreciated.

13. Organizational Tools

From planners and calendars to sticky notes and desk organizers, there are tons of options for helping them keep their business running smoothly. Even better if you can find something that reflects their personality or style!

14. Gourmet Snacks

Keeping energy levels up is essential for entrepreneurs! Send them some delicious gourmet treats like chocolates, cookies, nuts, and dried fruits – anything that will give them an extra boost during long days of work.

15. High-Quality Coffee

Keep them caffeinated with a subscription to their favorite coffee roaster or a gift card for a local cafe. This will help them stay focused and motivated on the job!

16. Customized Desk Accessories

Give your small business owner or entrepreneur a gift that will help keep their workspace organized and looking sharp. Customized desk accessories like pens, mouse pads, and stationery with the business’s logo on it will be a thoughtful reminder of how much you support them.

17. Small Businesses Branding Guide

Give the entrepreneur in your life a hand with a comprehensive branding guide. The tips and strategies for creating a professional and memorable brand, from logo design to website development will help them establish a strong brand identity and elevate their business.

18. Gift Card To Office Supply Store

Every new business owner or entrepreneur needs office supplies, so why not give them a gift card that will help make sure they don’t run out? A gift card for their favorite office supply store is both practical and appreciated.

19. Social Media Management Tools

We all know how powerful social media is when it comes to promoting businesses, but managing multiple accounts on different platforms can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of social media management and scheduling tools available that can take much of the burden off their shoulders while still providing great results!

20. Web Hosting Services

Every small business needs an online presence if it wants to succeed—and web hosting is no exception! Web hosting services provide entrepreneurs with reliable servers where they can store their data securely and efficiently run their websites without having to worry about technical issues or maintenance costs.

Best Gifts For Female Business Owners

female business owner receiving a gift box from a colleague

21. Professional Networking Event Tickets

If the female business owner in your life loves networking and building relationships with other professionals in her field, treat her to tickets for an upcoming professional networking event! This is an easy way to give her access to valuable resources that can help grow her business even further.

22. Spa Day

Help your friend relax after a long day at work with a spa day! A massage, facial, manicure/pedicure, or any combination of these services can help rejuvenate them and give them some much-needed time to unwind.

23. Creative Business Cards

Every female entrepreneur needs creative business cards that reflect her unique brand identity - so why not give her a helping hand by designing one for her? You can choose from hundreds of templates online or create one from scratch if you're feeling extra creative.

24. Stylish Laptop Bag With Ergonomic Features

For those who tend to work on the go, a stylish laptop bag with ergonomic features can make all the difference. Ergonomically designed bags provide cushioning and extra support for laptops while helping prevent backache caused by carrying heavy items.

25. Coach Or Mentor

Another way to show support for female entrepreneurs is through a business coach or mentor. Whether it is an online course, virtual consultations, or one-on-one sessions with an experienced professional—this investment in their career growth will be greatly appreciated.

Best Gift Ideas For Male Entrepreneurs

new small business owner received a gift and showing it over a virtual call

26. Business Books And Journals

Entrepreneurs will likely appreciate any books or journals related to their business. Whether it’s an inspirational guidebook or a book about marketing strategies—this thoughtful present is sure to be appreciated.

27. Professional Photography Services/Equipment

Quality visuals are essential if you want your small business to stand out from the competition—and professional photography services could be just what an entrepreneur needs to step up their game! Hire a freelancer photographer or videographer to set the wheel rolling for them.

28. Customized Business Card Holder

A stylish business card holder is an essential accessory for any budding entrepreneur. It's practical as well as professional—the perfect way to present contact information in a sleek and stylish manner.

29. Subscription Box Service

Allow them to try something new each month with a subscription box service. Whether it’s artisanal snacks or tailored lifestyle items, they’ll appreciate the surprise and could even find something useful in their line of work.

30. A Leather Briefcase

A high-quality leather briefcase is an excellent gift for any male entrepreneur. It provides a professional, stylish look and gives the recipient a sense of sophistication. The added bonus of having extra storage space is also great for carrying around important documents or supplies.


No matter which gift you choose, they will be sure to appreciate it. After all, the best gifts are thoughtful and tailored to the individual—so make sure to pick something that reflects their personality and interests! We hope these gift ideas will show them how much you care about their success. Good luck finding the perfect present for your favorite business owner friend, colleague, or business partner!

We at RedFork help small businesses grow. If you have any questions regarding your small business marketing or branding strategy, feel free to ask.


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