What’s New in 2019

Important Membership Changes Beginning January 1st, 2019

Current Memberships (Legacy)

Hours. Every month, you used those hours on projects, random updates to your website and sometime haphazard things that looked cool, but maybe didn’t focus on bringing more dollars to your business.

After much experience and data analysis, we noticed that our marketing efforts were most effective when we helped you create consistent branding, consulted with you through interesting challenges, and designed beautiful campaigns that delivered a focused message to your target market.

These were the things that created a positive, measurable difference to your bottom dollar.

What’s New

  • FOCUS - We’re focusing our services so that we can spend more time doing things that bring your business more revenue. 

  • PRICING - We’re introducing a new investment structure, custom-built around your current and desired revenue, where a portion of your investment will be based on revenue results.

  • OBSTACLES - We’re removing some pain points that our current Partners have experienced.

New Focus Areas

  • BRANDING - We love working on complete brand development projects with small business owners looking to launch a new company or rebrand an existing business. Moving forward, we’re offering a new service category specifically featuring brand development options at flat-rate pricing that will ensure a brand has everything it needs for complete recognition.

  • CONSULTING - Many of our Partners have let us know how valuable they consider our marketing, advertising, and business consultation. We’re bringing focus to this area by offering a new service option that gives you time every month to sit down and talk about your business needs and goals, all for a low flat-rate price.

  • CAMPAIGNS - In all the work we’ve done, we found that highly focused campaigns are the most influential way to bring in dollars and achieving business goals. For that reason, we’re shifting our monthly Memberships to specialize in strategic, high-quality campaigns that focus on conversion and added revenue for your business.

New Investment Structure

  • YOUR REVENUE GOAL - We’ll identify with you what your revenue has been over the last 12 months and work to find a new revenue goal for the next 12 months.

  • NEW GROWTH - Our team will use focused campaigns to help you hit your target growth goal and close the gap.

  • ESTIMATED INVESTMENT AMOUNT - A percentage of the new revenue amount will be used to find your estimated investment amount with RedFork.

  • FIXED RATE - A portion of your investment will be fixed as we work to help you grow your revenue throughout the year.

  • RESULTS FEE - A portion of your investment will be variable and charged monthly based on the results we achieve together.

Removing Obstacles

These improvements and additions to our agency’s services help you get the most out of your partnership with RedFork by removing several large obstacles, including:

  • HOURS - No more hard hour cap limitations

  • CHANGING COSTS - No more fluctuating fixed costs

  • RANDOM PROJECTS - No more arbitrary projects

Why The Changes?

Since we launched our Memberships, we’ve received lots of positive feedback from our Partners over the last several years. We’ve also received lots of constructive feedback about our services - many times with recommendations on how we could improve. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

  • HOURS LIMIT - The hours limitations caused significant fluctuations in your bill, making it difficult to get all the work done in a timely manner. And this cap all together wasn’t a fun part of the membership.

  • REVENUE IMPACT - The tasks completed each month were important, but may have not always helped you grow your business’ revenue.

  • IMPORTANT DATES - The important dates or holidays relative to your business may have not received enough marketing attention.

  • FOCUS SHIFT - The great ideas or campaigns for your business may have stalled or completely stopped because other things arose that took priority.

  • SERVICE OPTIONS - The consultation support we provided for your brand’s marketing strategies may have been the only thing you really needed from RedFork.

Have questions about these new changes? We’re here to help!