Meet The RedFork Marketing Designovators

Each one has a pretty unique personality



Arthur Goodman 500px.jpg

Arthur Goodman
Director of Operations

Likes To Organize

Daniel Aharon 500px.jpg

Daniel Aharon
Director of Content

Likes To THINK

Dave Diaz 500px.jpg

Dave Diaz
Director of Marketing

Likes To Talk



Chelsea Meaghar 500px.jpg

Chelsea Meagher
Graphic Designer

Likes To EAT

Isaac Ortiz 500px.jpg

Isaac Ortiz
Community Specialist

Likes To COOK

Raegan Daley 500px.jpg

Raegan Daley
Content Creator


Sondra De Luca 500px.jpg

Sondra De Luca
Graphic Designer


Tyler Van Schaick Alt 500px.jpg

Tyler Van Schaik
Web Developer

Likes To CODe


The Heart & Soul of RedFork Marketing

Designovator [dih-zahyn-uh-vey-ter]: Noun.


Designovators by definition are designers and innovators in the same. As such, we work hard to explore everything about your business so that we are able to create relevant and engaging marketable content for your brand. We take pride in making materials that not only support your brand, but also stretch the boundaries of what most perceive to be possible. We are constantly coming up with new and exciting strategies so that you can stand on top.

 Community Bookcase featured at  Sofrito Latin Cafe

Community Bookcase featured at Sofrito Latin Cafe

For example:

One of our most recent innovations was a community bookcase. The owner of the business we were working with wanted to attract more locals in an area that is heavily populated with tourists. The community bookcase features games, books and newspapers and ultimately inspires people to return over and over again.