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Downtown Orlando Small Businesses Marketing Guide To Boost Sales

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Are you a small business owner in Downtown Orlando looking to boost sales? If so, this guide is the perfect resource for you. It's designed to provide small business owners with detailed strategies and tips on how to effectively market their businesses and increase sales.

With this guide, you'll learn about essential digital marketing tools such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and more that can help your small business stand out from the competition and reach potential customers.

By following the advice outlined in this guide, you will have all the information needed to create an effective marketing plan that works for your unique needs. Let's dive in.

1. Create A Business Website

A business website is essential in today’s digital world as it serves as an online shopfront, giving entrepreneurs the chance to introduce their business, products, and services to potential customers who are looking for what they have to offer. Also, when designing your business website, don’t ignore branding – it's your opportunity to make an unforgettable first impression online.

It also helps build credibility by providing customers with more details about the company and building trust and confidence before purchase. Having a great website for your small businesses will give you an advantage over your competition and allow them to target more customers with relevant information about your products or services.

Additionally, a business website can also work as a powerful outreach tool by building connections with other businesses or influencers, which can lead to even more excitement and sales.

Computer screen displaying website design idea with paint and brushes lying beside it

2. Elevate Your Content Marketing

You can increase customer acquisition, loyalty, and sales by investing in content marketing. It is a low-cost but highly effective way to raise awareness and visibility of a business in its local market.

The key is to advertise regularly on a relevant blog or website, engage customers via social media, create informative/entertaining content that can be shared and produce creative ads for search engine optimization.

Here are the 10 ideas for content marketing strategies that you can use to win more customers and sales:

  1. Develop detailed ‘how-to’ tutorials.

  2. Publish educational information about products or services

  3. Publish educational information about products or services.

  4. Post guest blogs on related industry websites.

  5. Create videos or podcasts to showcase expert advice.

  6. Organize webinars covering popular topics.

  7. Promote discounts through email campaigns.

  8. Develop viral contests with giveaways.

  9. Send weekly newsletters that offer great content.

  10. Offer exclusive incentives through influencers.

With smartly crafted content delivered through multiple channels, you can capitalize on the power of content marketing to reach your growth and revenue goals.

3. Use Social Media For Promoting Your Business

With the growth of technology, you can take advantage of social media to increase your customer base. Social media provides an excellent platform for marketing a business through various channels such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

By creating targeted posts that appeal to a particular audience and by making sure the right hashtags are being used, it's possible for small businesses to reach potential customers who otherwise may have never heard of them.

Engaging in conversations on social media allows businesses to build relationships with customers which can increase brand loyalty. All these strategies come together to effectively grow a company's consumer base.

Here are just 10 ideas for social media postings:

  1. Share relevant blog posts.

  2. Promote customer stories.

  3. Use contests or polls.

  4. Publish industry-related updates.

  5. Offer advice within your field of expertise.

  6. Run holiday giveaway contests or promotions.

  7. Highlight employee achievements.

  8. Spotlight customers using your products.

  9. Share photos related to your products/services.

  10. Repost relevant articles written by other publications and experts.

Emoticons such like, announcement, heart, smile coming out of social media app on mobile screen

4. Get Benefit From Local Directories

To increase your customer base, businesses in Downtown Orlando can benefit greatly by getting listed on local directories like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google Maps. Doing so can ensure that potential consumers in the area can easily find them and learn more about their products or services.

Amongst other things, local directories offer quick ratings, reviews, and location information which can all help to strengthen a business’ reputation when they’re just starting.

It is also important to remember that creating an up-to-date profile with accurate information amongst these directories will help customers find proper information, rather than becoming frustrated at the lack of accuracy or outdated facts.

This is beneficial for any small business even if they don't have a website!

5. Work On Local SEO And Keywords

Small businesses located in downtown Orlando can benefit greatly from utilizing local SEO tactics and targeting local keywords to increase reach and visibility. Local SEO differs from traditional search engine optimization tactics because it focuses on helping customers find local businesses in their area.

For example, since Orlando is a popular tourist destination, small business owners should ensure that the website’s content includes words such as “Orlando vacation” or “downtown Orlando attractions” so that potential customers can easily find the businesses through search engines like Google.

Furthermore, small business owners can also use other targeted local SEO methods such as optimizing meta descriptions for keywords related to the area, including location-specific content on your website and creating social media campaigns geared towards a local audience.

By using these local SEO tactics, downtown Orlando business owners will be able to capitalize on their increased visibility and create more reach for their products or service.

6. Take Insights From Demographics

When it comes to marketing and campaigns, small businesses in downtown Orlando have an excellent opportunity to use their local demographics to create strategies that not only resonate with the people living there but are also cost-effective.

For instance, more than 70% of downtown Orlando residents are working full-time jobs giving shop owners and marketers access to the ideal consumer base who might be more inclined to buy during their lunch hour or in between shifts.

With the right study into their local community's demographic makeup, small businesses stand to benefit from powerful insights on how best to reach their audiences online and off.

7. Partner Up With Other Businesses

You should collaborate with other businesses to promote growth and build an effective network. Working together provides more opportunities to attract and retain customers.

For example, you can partner up with another business in the area by introducing co-marketing campaigns, creating joint products or services, exchanging referrals, or participating in cross-promotion activities.

By understanding each other's skills, strengths and values, downtown small businesses could come together and form strategic partnerships to benefit both of their businesses and help each other succeed.


Master card sgowing co-branding between Master card and Swiss airline

8. Employ Paid Advertising To Bring Sales

You should conduct detailed research before you decide to launch a paid ad campaign, as it is essential for determining the most successful strategy. The cost-benefit analysis should be conducted beforehand to accurately gauge how much can be gained from this advertisement endeavor.

Ideally, the ads need to be creative and engaging to grab public attention. Additionally, small businesses should focus on running their ad campaigns on platforms that grant access to a larger demographic, such as Google Ads and social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Furthermore, these campaigns must track customer response by leveraging Pixel tracking or Conversion Tracking from Google Analytics or custom tracking codes from other sources. Last but not least, frequent revisions should be done to assess changes made over time and fine-tune the strategy accordingly.

9. Start Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool, as it can easily be used to reach and engage current or potential customers. To ensure success, the content of each email should be interesting and relevant. For example, if a new restaurant opens in the area, it could send out an email outlining its menu options and inviting customers to come in and try them.

To increase engagement, you can include exclusive discounts or special offers that are exclusive to your subscribers. Additionally, you can create automated campaigns targeting existing customers by sending personalized emails with special deals.

Providing incentives such as free shipping on orders over a certain amount or regular coupons will make current and potential customers feel valued and encourage them to continue supporting your business.

Email marketing example of flock showing the content of one of their email campaigns

10. Invest In Offline Marketing

Traditional marketing tactics can still be very effective to deliver the message to your target audience and increase your customer base. A few possible marketing ideas could include distributing customized flyers that emphasize the benefits of patronizing the business, launching guerilla-style promotional campaigns utilizing local street teams, or purchasing ad space on bus stops and other visible locations throughout downtown.

Word of mouth is also a powerful tool for any small business; offering incentives for customers to spread the word about their services or products can be an important part of a successful marketing campaign.


As we have shown, there are many ways to successfully market small businesses located in downtown Orlando. From leveraging the power of digital platforms to taking advantage of traditional marketing methods, there are countless opportunities for small business owners to tell their stories and attract new customers.

Furthermore, it is important to utilize these resources wisely - businesses should assess the goals of their marketing efforts and plan accordingly.

For those looking for help navigating marketing plans and strategies that work in the downtown environment, contact us today!


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