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How to Backdate Facebook Posts for Strategic Scheduling and Engagement Boost?

Ever created a Facebook post you wished you could publish earlier? 

Maybe you forgot a birthday shoutout or have historical content that aligns better with a specific date in the past. 

how to backdate Facebook posts

While Facebook doesn't directly allow changing a post's date after publishing, a clever workaround exists using the scheduling feature. 

This essentially achieves a similar outcome: backdating your post.

Why Backdate?

There can be legitimate reasons to backdate a Facebook post:

  • Historical Accuracy: Perhaps you stumbled upon an interesting news article you want to share, but the event it covers happened a while back. Backdating the post aligns it with the newsworthy event.

  • Campaign Continuity: You might be running a social media campaign with a predetermined timeline. Backdating ensures posts appear in the desired sequence.

Who Can Backdate Posts?

Only page admins, editors, and moderators can backdate posts. This ensures proper management and prevents unauthorized modification of content.

Steps to Backdate a Facebook Post

You can backdate a Facebook post in 7 easy steps. Let’s see how we can do this:

1. Access Your Facebook Page

Open a web browser and navigate to Facebook Login. Log in to your Facebook account associated with the desired page.

2. Locate the Post

On your Facebook page, scroll through your timeline to find the specific post you want to backdate. 

You can also use the search bar at the top of the page to search for the post by title or keywords.

3. Click the Three Dots Menu

Look for the three vertical dots (ellipsis) located in the top right corner of the post you wish to backdate.

Clicking this icon reveals a dropdown menu with various options.

4. Select "Edit Post"

Within the dropdown menu that appears after clicking the three dots, choose the option labeled "Edit Post." This will open the post in an editing window.

5. Schedule the Post

In the editing window, towards the bottom right corner, you'll find a clock icon. Clicking this icon opens a scheduling menu.

6. Set the Backdated Date

Instead of scheduling for the future, navigate the calendar within the scheduling menu. 

Utilize the arrows to move between months and years. Click on the specific date and time in the past that you want the post to appear.

7. Review and Publish

After setting the backdated date, thoroughly review the content of the post to ensure everything is accurate and consistent with the chosen date.

Double-check that the backdated date aligns correctly with the information presented in the post.

Once satisfied with the edits and backdated date, click the "Schedule" button to publish the post with the chosen past date.

Alternatives to Backdating

We have some alternatives to backdating a Facebook post: 

  • Scheduling Posts: While not strictly backdating, scheduling a post allows you to publish content at a specific date and time in the future. This can be useful for pre-planning content or events occurring later.

  • Creating a New Post: If the content significantly differs from the original post date, creating a new post might be a better solution.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Let’s look at some of the tips and considerations for backdating a Facebook post:


Keep in mind that Facebook imposes certain limitations on backdating posts. 

While you can select any date in the past, there are restrictions on how far back you can go, typically within a few months or years.

Historical Accuracy

When backdating posts for historical accuracy, ensure that the content aligns with the chosen date and context. 

Avoid misleading your audience by presenting outdated information as current.

Engagement Strategy

Backdating posts can be a strategic move to maintain engagement on your page

Consider leveraging this feature to highlight significant milestones, anniversaries, or historical events relevant to your brand or audience.


Backdating a Facebook post offers a way to showcase content at a specific point in time. Remember, this feature is intended for legitimate purposes and should be used judiciously.  

For situations where strict adherence to a past date isn't crucial, consider scheduling the post or creating a new one.


Is it possible to directly change the date of a Facebook post?

No, Facebook doesn't offer a direct way to modify the published date of a post. However, you can utilize the scheduling feature to achieve a similar outcome. By scheduling the post for a date in the past, you can indirectly make it appear as if it was published earlier.

Are there any risks associated with backdating Facebook posts?

What are some alternatives to backdating a Facebook post?

What if I accidentally backdate a post to the wrong date?


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