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Get The Scoop On The Hottest Restaurant Marketing Trends In Lakeland

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If you're a restaurant owner in the Lakeland area, keeping up with the latest marketing trends is essential for running a successful business. After all, staying tuned into shifts in marketing and technology can be the difference between having your restaurant filled to capacity with customers or sitting half-empty during lunchtime. But it's no easy task - especially when trying to keep track of what new strategies have caught on throughout this city!

That’s why today RedFork is going to give you the scoop on some of the hottest restaurant marketing trends that are currently taking over our beautiful Lakeland. Whether your focus is digital media, events, promotions, or even good old-fashioned customer service – there’s something here for everyone looking to up their game in 2023 and beyond!

restaurant marketing Lakeland

Social Media Marketing To Reach Localized Customers

Restaurants in Lakeland have the opportunity to thrive by leveraging the power of social media marketing. With more and more influencers utilizing platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it has become easier than ever for businesses to effectively promote themselves through these channels.

This form of localized digital word-of-mouth can be particularly beneficial for restaurants – customers’ posts and reviews are seen by hundreds and even thousands of people, giving them a valuable platform from which to spread their message. What’s even better is that these platforms are often free and open to all, making it possible for restaurants to reach an incredibly large and diverse audience with relative ease.

User-generated content is invaluable for effective messaging as well– when customers see others talking about how great a restaurant’s food or staff is, it helps strengthen trust in the brand in a very real way. Social media marketing is a powerful tool that can help any restaurant create lasting success in their local area—whether they’re looking to encourage new customers or boost existing loyalty.

Start Loyalty Programs To Grow

For restaurant owners in Lakeland, loyalty programs are a great way to grow their customer base and build lasting relationships. Loyalty programs work by rewarding customers with discounts and exclusive offers for accessing their services on a regular basis.

These programs create repeat visits from diners, as well as an incentive for them to purchase more frequently. Successful loyalty programs in Lakeland restaurants include offering coupons for discounted items, providing additional discounts with longer-term use of the services, and offering bonus points or rewards for returning customers.

It's important to personalize these loyalty programs to meet the needs of the restaurant's specific customer base. This can involve setting up tiered rewards that give certain benefits depending on the frequency of customer visits or even using analytics to make decisions about promotional offers. Restaurant owners in Lakeland should explore loyalty programs as a strategy to grow both their customer network and generate steady business income.

Online Ordering And Delivery Services

The trend of ordering food online and having it delivered straight to your home or office is on the rise, as evidenced by both industry research and the increasing demand in Lakeland. Restaurants that have opted to provide this service have seen immediate benefits such as increased sales, exposure to larger audiences, and greater customer loyalty.

A variety of popular online ordering platforms are available to local businesses in Lakeland, such as Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates. With more people working from home and many restaurant dining rooms still limited due to pandemic restrictions, offering online ordering services has become a great way for local restaurants to market their business and increase profits.

Lakeland restaurant marketing strategies

Collaborations With Local Businesses

For restaurants in Lakeland, collaborating with local businesses can be a great way to boost marketing efforts. The benefits include enhanced visibility, improved customer loyalty, greater brand awareness, and even discounts on products or services.

Some successful collaborations you may have seen are co-branded shirts between a restaurant and a local apparel company or a special menu item created in partnership with a local bakery. It is clear that the importance of creating relationships with other businesses should not be underestimated — each side can gain from these collaborations, driving mutual success for both parties involved.

Summing Up

It’s evident that restaurant marketing in Lakeland is evolving and dynamic. To maintain a successful business, it’s important for restaurant owners and managers to stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

RedFork can help you do just that. We are knowledgeable about the local market and can provide personalized services to fit your restaurant’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.


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